Choose Your Own Charity: Why We're Giving Customers a Choice

Choose Your Own Charity: Why We're Giving Customers a Choice Choose Your Own Charity: Why We're Giving Customers a Choice

2019 has begun well for The Conscious Company - we launched our first pop-up at Pure London, are beginning to be stocked by retailers around the country and most importantly, we've finally been able to give our customers the option to choose a charity at checkout.

The option for customers to be able to choose where their product donation is sent to at checkout, is something that we have been working on putting in place for months.

People donate to charities for a variety of different reasons, often a person's choice for donating is very personal and unique to them. We recognise this and want our customers to be able to 'personalise' their order by sending their charity donation to an organisation that personally resonates with them, for whatever reason.

£1 from every product at checkout can be donated to one of our ten charitable causes e.g. if a customer buys five T-shirts, they will effectively have £5 to donate to a charity of their choice. Alternatively, customers can opt to split their donation evenly between all ten charities.

The charities that we have selected have been chosen for their variety and positive impact on the world. There is a wide range of causes to choose from, including the environment, mental health, education, poverty relief and cancer research. For a more in-depth list please click here.

Sustainability and working to make the world a better place is an integral part of The Conscious Company. As part of our commitment to transparency, we have ensured that all charities are verified and all our clothes are made using organic cotton under the Fair Wear Standard and are vegan approved. 

We want our customers to look good AND feel good, knowing that they have helped make the world a better place through their purchase.

Laura and Cheryl x