Conscious Causes

A proportion of every product bought from The Conscious Company contributes to the greater good by donating to charity. The charities that we have chosen contribute to making our ever-developing world, a better place. All international projects have been visited and verified as part of our commitment to transparency.

Cancer Research - Registered charity no. 1089464

Cancer Research UK’s slogan is ‘Cancer is Happening Right Now’. It is the leading UK organisation that is working to beat cancer through world class research that has resulted in remarkable progress in the fight to beat all forms of cancer. We all know somebody who has been affected by cancer. The Conscious Company wants to contribute towards eradicating this disease and support those who are suffering from it.

RSPCA - Registered charity no.219099

Every year thousands of innocent animals die from abuse and neglect in the UK. The RSPCA works to rescue neglected animals, rehouse them, and bring them back to health and well-being. Last year the RSPCA rescued 129,602 animals whose lives were in danger because of severe neglect. We are animal lovers and cannot abide cruelty of any sort. The Conscious Company supports the work of the RSPCA and wants to stop animal cruelty in all its forms.

British Red Cross - Registered  charity no. 220949

British Red Cross is a sign of hope during a crisis. One of the UK’s oldest charities, the Red Cross never turns it back on anybody needing help and support, whether it’s a major disaster, conflict and war zones or individuals in need. Whenever there is a major disaster of any kind we can rely on the Red Cross to be there as an independent, non-political organisation that provides much needed support in times of crisis. The Conscious Company believes in the strength of the human spirit that most often shows at times of greatest need and supports this very important cause.

Cecily’s Fund - Registered charity no. 1071660

Cecily’s Fund has supported orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia through access to education as a route out of poverty. Since 1998 this small charity has worked tirelessly in Zambia and has supported thousands of vulnerable children by enabling them to gain an education and a path to a brighter future. The Conscious Company believes that access to education is a human right and that all children should have the right to be educated.

The Nasio Trust - Registered charity no. 1104542

The Nasio Trust has been working in Western Kenya for more than 15 years supporting children who have lost their parents through HIV and living alone in child headed households. This small charity provides care and support to children in their homes so that the family can remain together and not be split and sent to institutions. They provide education support and help children go to school, feeding programmes and healthcare. The Conscious Company is conscious that in today’s world poverty and hardship continue across the globe and many children are forgotten and without a voice. We want to support children living in poverty without parents and contribute to a better future for the poorest of the poor.

UNICEF Registered charity no. 1072612

Children are at the heart of UNICEF’s work. This charity sends emergency aid supplies during world crises. It protects children during emergencies, provides shelter and helps to reintegrate children into families when they have suffered trauma. During 2016 UNICEF helped 6.4 children affected by humanitarian emergencies go to school. The charity helps to protect children from violence and harm by providing reliable and safe support and helps children caught up in human conflict in the UK and worldwide. The Conscious Company believes that innocent children are often caught up in conflict that has nothing to do with them and yet they are often the worst victims. We want to make the world a better place and help children affected by conflict to have a better future.