Fashion For a Cause

Fashion For a Cause Fashion For a Cause

Looks Good, Feels Good... Fashion for a Cause

The traditional ‘T’ must be the most globally recognised fashion icon. Who would have thought that the humble letter T would form the world’s most ‘go to’ wardrobe basic. Originating in the 1900s as a bachelor undershirt it is now estimated that 99 percent of people have at least one of these wardrobe basics.

With the iconic T being a walking platform for creating awareness, the Conscious T-shirt was borne. Made from ethically sourced fair-trade cotton, inks that are guaranteed not to fade and printed in Cornwall UK, the Conscious T-shirt has given new meaning to the humble T through fashion for a cause.

Grow your soul and join in the movement to create a more socially conscious world, using the hashtag #IAmConscious.

Conscious T-shirts donate £1.50 for every T-shirt sold to specific charitable projects and causes that have been visited and identified by us through charity monitoring trips.