Grow Through What You Go Through: International Women's Day 8th March.

Grow Through What You Go Through: International Women's Day 8th March. Grow Through What You Go Through: International Women's Day 8th March.

Yay! It’s International Women’s Day on March 8th and The Conscious Company is paying tribute to women across the world to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally. During this special year which also marks 100 years of women getting the vote in the UK, we want to highlight the amazing work that women of all backgrounds and ages do every single day!

This year’s theme is #pressforprogress and follows in the footsteps of #MeToo and #TimesUp movements which have all raised awareness of the need for women to stand up for equality and respect in every walk of life. At The Conscious Company some of our amazing role models include Oprah Winfrey who embodies our latest T-shirt slogan ‘Grow through what you Go Through’, our Oxford home grown Emma Watson who has always spoken up for women across the world and what about Malala Yousafzai who at just 22 has already been recognised for her work in human rights through the Nobel Peace Prize.

There’s nothing quite like a girls’ night in, so this year we’ve put together a few ideas for women to get together to celebrate your own individual achievements from passing your driving test to getting that job you’ve always wanted, sticking to that gym routine, or starting that book – whatever your personal achievement, take time out with your besties to acknowledge each other’s successes and have the best time ever!

So how about..

  1. Organising a safari dinner with friends. Start at one house with pre-s, then go to another for the starter, move to the next friend for the mains, then if you’re still standing, on to the next for pud and finally collapse for after dinner drinks at a final destination! Easy on the budget and washing up and great fun!
  2. What about a film night? Get together with your mates, agree the movie, get the popcorn, ice-cream and wine in the fridge and off you go.
  3. Try a walk over a weekend that takes you across a proper hike regardless of the weather – push yourselves to do a route of at least 10 miles and end up with a reward in a pub or restaurant for dinner.
  4. Ever done a ‘swap shop’? These are a great way of getting rid of those fashion buys that you love but are tired of or don’t wear because they’ve been bought without trying on (we’ve all done it). All you do is get your mates to bring the clothes and accessories they no longer wear, get the wine in and have a great no money evening’s shopping!
  5. Always fancied yoga, pilates or PIYO but never got around to trying a class? Or perhaps you go regularly but never with all your friends? Club together and get a teacher in to do a class at somebody’s home, finish with a speaker and enjoy where the discussion goes because as we all know, with women it can end up totally different to the one that started!

So go on! Celebrate your individuality! Embrace your gender! And join us in saying Happy International Women’s Day to every single woman and girl in the world today! And wear the The Conscious T-shirt to show you care.

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