How to ooze confidence in dressing.

How to ooze confidence in dressing. How to ooze confidence in dressing.

What is it about certain people who can walk into a room and exude confidence without showing off? They carry off their clothes with ease, seem to have effortless style and just, well dress with confidence! But often inner confidence comes from knowing who you are so that clothes are just the cherry on the cake that sets you apart from others because you not only look good but feel good too! For those of you who find it hard to find your style or not sure where to begin we’ve put together ten tips to help you get going in 2018:

1. Dress confidently no matter what your style. Wear your clothes with flair – you don’t need to be flamboyant or loud, just know what suits your body shape.

2. Dress in a way that makes YOU feel good!

3. Know your colours! How many of us revert to basic blacks or neutrals and just wear the same colours over and over again without even trying to find alternatives. Have you ever bought a top that you love, try it on and then somehow never quite get round to wearing it because it doesn’t look quite right? It’s probably because it’s the wrong colour, tone or shade for your skin. Wear the right colours and guaranteed people will notice!

4. Acknowledge your best features and choose clothes that flatter.

5. Embrace tailoring! It’s an amazing confidence booster to wear a tailored jacket with a simple pair of jeans and T-shirt, top it off with converse trainers and you’re done! – a classic look that never dates regardless of your shape and size.

6. Make eye contact when you speak to people and be genuine. Friendliness goes a long way to building inner confidence!

7. Be true to yourself and define your style. Look at other people around you (not just celebrities) and see what you like about their look or what you don’t like. Be conscious in your dressing!

8. Wear clothes that fit properly. Don’t squeeze into things that you know are too small and equally don’t over-estimate your size and buy clothes that are too big for you on the basis that you perceive yourself as being a certain size.

9. Accessories are key to style and dressing with confidence. Choosing the right bag for your outfit, wearing jewellery, a belt or scarf adds to individuality.

10. Invest in a few key pieces that will become wardrobe basics. A decent pair of jeans that you know suit you, shoes or boots that flatter and a jacket and you’ll find that you turn to them over and over again.


Look good, feel good and shop the look