Joshua’s Story… Visiting Rural Kenya

Joshua’s Story… Visiting Rural Kenya Joshua’s Story… Visiting Rural Kenya

Michael Jackson’s famous lyrics from Man in the Mirror have always resonated with me: ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change’.  During my last project visit to Kenya, I was humbled and inspired to meet Joshua, Isaac and Jonathan who live together with their younger sister and brother in rural Kenya. This child-headed household is the responsibility of 18-year-old Joshua who was left to look after his young siblings at the age of 12 after their parents both died.  The young family fend for themselves and live from hand to mouth but still persevere with their studies so that they can get an education and lift themselves out of poverty and to a better future.

The Nasio Trust, one of our supported charities helps Joshua and other child-headed households. They visit the family regularly to ensure the children are safe, they provide food parcels, helped build a water tank and provide security, reassurance and guide the children - in short, they replace the parents they have lost.

Joshua and Isaac had just returned from getting water from the well a few kilometers away as there had been little rain in the last few months and their water tank was empty. They invited me into their tiny house and shared their story.  They’re not looking for pity and were happy to have visitors but how can we walk away from situations like this and return to our cosy homes and lives as before, when youngsters the same age as my children and their friends are fighting for survival? I’m so privileged to travel the world and meet people like Joshua and his little family, it’s always humbling and puts life into perspective. Consciousness truly does, have to begin within.

A proportion all proceeds from The Conscious Company products go back to people like Joshua and Isaac.

Cheryl x