Take a peek into a Conscious Week!

Take a peek into a Conscious Week! Take a peek into a Conscious Week!

Every day is different at The Conscious Company but one thing remains constant, we love what we do - even if we are constantly juggling all the balls in the air at once! From the constant flow of emails that need answering or writing, to marketing and PR meetings and everything in between, life is anything but quiet.  In this blog, I've taken a rare quiet moment to look back and reflect on my typical working week.

Cheryl x



9.00pm Prepare work clothes for the office and get  gym gear ready for stress free morning. Mental note: remember make-up and shoes! Catch up on emails and relax ahead of the working week.


6.30am wake up with cup of tea in bed. Think through the working week; mentally prepare for the week and head out the door by 7.20am for the gym. Do a 25 minute HIIT work out. Expect to see Laura as I heard her leave before me but no show! She either got there extra early or maybe she’s bottled out and gone for a coffee instead? Fifteen minutes into my work out and she appears shaking her head in disbelief. I take my headphones out ‘Where have you been?’. She tells me that she forgot her phone and had to return home much to her frustration. I’m nearly finished and have almost got to the feeling good about myself bit of the morning. I carry on thankful that I’m almost finished, loving the latest Taylor Swift album.

The day continues with more emails and  enquiries - I send information to a stockist, check Instagram and plan content.


No HIIT workout today so 7.00am wake up for me - although I hear Laura leave for the gym again. It’s my day of rest but I’m still out the door at 7.50am to catch up on emails in the office.

Instagram is buzzing! Must follow up on a few messages and turn my attention to a stockist enquiry. Try to write up trip report for the project visit in Zambia but get interrupted. Start producing the new wholesale guide. Check on photos we’re interested in using for the new collection.

7pm – Have a transatlantic call with a stylist from LA no less. We can’t believe it. Still trying to get over the fact he’s found us and wants some samples. Follow up the call with email and Lookbook. Must check the contract.

Prepare work outfit for gym bag. Get work out clothes ready. Read for half an hour after watching the ten o’clock news – Brexit update is compulsive. What will we all talk about when it’s over either way I wonder?


It's 7.40am and I am doing HIIT in the gym, literally running late! I should have left ten minutes earlier but never mind, at least I’m here. I finish by 8.15am and grab a quick coffee on my way out. Starting work at 9.00am feels late these days!

I get some new design ideas down on paper and communicate them to our  designer but the internet is troublesome (it always is!) and makes what should be a simple communication frustrating. 

I call some of the contacts made during Pure London and add a reminder to send them the latest lookbook. Arrange a meeting with a new Brand Representative for later in the week.


Our Instagram is growing organically every day and followers are commenting and liking our posts - I can’t wait to test out the new designs.

I remind Laura that the website content needs amending with the new collection coming and confirm a PR meeting for Saturday morning.  Send fashion display boards to a retailer for their shop.


Get to my regular step class at 9.30am, I can’t believe how busy the gym is in the morning! I think everybody has cottoned onto working out early I guess. Forty-five minutes of hard cardio and my watch goes berserk informing Laura and a handful of other friends I’m connected with, that I’ve closed all of my rings! Feeling chuffed and it’s only 10.15am - I congratulate myself with a cappuccino (skinny of course). Relax in the gym bistro and check emails, Instagram and Facebook. Get back for 11.30am and focus on new designs and plans for the new Spring Collection.


PR meeting with Laura and PR exec to discuss our local and national PR strategy before meeting up with friends for a bit of light retail therapy. Have to buy birthday presents.


Chilled morning before heading off to Pilates at 11.30am. Amazing how many calories it burns when you’re lying on the floor for most of the time, definitely adds value I reckon. Return home for family time whilst thinking about a new idea for the brand. When you love what you do, it’s not work right?


Flick through photos taken on the recent project trip to Zambia and Kenya and feel blessed. We’re on to a good thing, The Conscious Company is making a difference. We are and you are making the world a better place. And what better way to do it than through sustainable fashion that everybody can wear wherever you are in the world!