Spread the love! 10 Ideas to keep your relationship strong

Spread the love! 10 Ideas to keep your relationship strong Spread the love! 10 Ideas to keep your relationship strong

Spread the love.. We’ve got 10 Ideas to keep your relationship strong..


Valentines’ day is on the horizon and we’ve put together ten ideas to keep you loved up this Spring. Forget the commercialism of the day itself and be creative with your other half by trying out some of our tried and tested ideas that work any time of the year.

  1. If you can grab a couple of days away, why not search Ryanair and plan a surprise mystery city break for your other half? Two nights in Barcelona can be as little as £30 return depending on the dates, with a little careful planning you could pack a bag for both of you and off you go!
  2. Ever been a tourist in your own city? A city tour on a double decker bus is a great way to explore the city on your door step – you’ll be amazed at the hidden gems right under your nose. Get yourself a picnic or just find a hidey hole for lunch and take a ride on London bus tours.
  3. A bit broke? Don’t let that stop you – we’ve got plenty of ideas that can be done on a budget with little or no money. Get those wellies on and try planning a country walk and finishing at a pub for a well-deserved drink? City dwellers does the idea of a country walk fill you with dread? Have you actually tried it? Get a map, plot the route and make a pact that you’ll go whatever the weather – believe us you’ll feel energised and be surprised at how enjoyable it is.
  4. How many of us take advantage of the fact that art galleries are free in the UK? It’s perfectly possible to while away a morning or afternoon looking at works of art up-close and marvelling at the skills of painters that we so often take for granted. Take a while to discover what you like, what you don’t like, what colours appeal to you – it’s a great way to break the ice or find out another side of each other to explore. Why not visit the Tate Modern, for example? 
  5. Do you have a partner who plays sport regularly? Try turning up unannounced and show your support at a football or rugby game and cheer them on, remember it’s the thought that counts and they’ll be even more impressed if it’s raining!
  6. Date nights! We’ve all heard about them but have you actually put them in place as a regular thing? Try breaking up the week just at that point when you’re fed up with work and still a few days to go before the weekend. Take it in turns to be the person to decide on what to do, make it a surprise for the other half and let your creative juices flow!
  7. Head off to the coast and blow the cobwebs away! It doesn’t have to be summer, it doesn’t even have to be dry. Just make a plan, stop for breakfast/brunch and get a change of scene and if you live by the sea, then head for the city! It’s about change from normal routine and new experiences that keeps a relationship fresh.
  8. A movie or box set marathon with trimmings always goes down well – just get some popcorn, a tub of your favourite ice cream and endulge yourselves, always good on a rainy, cold day.
  9. A three-course meal at different places. This is an awesome night out where you can try different places out and mix it up a bit.
  10. Get on a bike and go for a bike ride together! We promise, it’s a laugh and don’t let it stop you if you live in a city. Nowadays the best cities have bikes for rent for as little as £2 which enable you to pick up a bike from different key points, use them for an hour or two and then just leave them parked at a different pick up point.


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