Throwaway Fashion Culture and Why We're Here to Stay

Throwaway Fashion Culture and Why We're Here to Stay Throwaway Fashion Culture and Why We're Here to Stay

The current media landscape is littered with articles about ‘throwaway’ fashion and the harmful impact that it is having on our environment – and rightly so. 

Since the rise in social media, many consumers are adopting a ‘wear it once’ culture and wearing items from their wardrobe only a handful of times before considering them ‘old’. 

Labour MP Mary Creagh from the Commons environmental audit select committee was among MPs who suggested shoppers viewed its clothing as disposable. 

“Isn’t the real problem with the fast fashion industry that if you are selling stuff at £5 people aren’t going to treat it with any respect and at the end of its life it’s going to go in the bin?” he asked. 

The total carbon footprint of the clothing worn in the UK was 26.2m tonnes of CO2e in 2016, up 9% on 2012. Although carbon footprint per tonne fell to 8% it was outweighed by the increase in consumption. 

With 300,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill every year in the UK, The Conscious Company is working to help eliminate this problem by producing sustainable fashion that is eco-friendly and here to stay. All products are made using organic cotton, which is free from harmful pesticides and is Vegan approved by PETA 

Clothes are made in accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation which supports worker’s rights and ensures that they are treated fairly. In addition, a proportion from each sale is given back to our verified charitable causes so that customers really can be certain that they are making a positive difference.  

Our products are designed to be ‘mix and matched’ across outfits, transitioning customers seamlessly between from day to night; work to evening drinks.  

The Conscious Company is the ‘feel good’ clothing brand for long-lasting, high-quality sustainable fashion that wants its customers to feel as good as they look.