The Conscious Company is a high-quality, contemporary clothing and lifestyle brand for the socially conscious individual, who appreciates style, quality and uniqueness and who wants to reflect this through their wardrobe and home.

The Conscious Company was borne from the desire to make a positive contribution to the world, by connecting high-quality craftsmanship to the global market and introducing individuals to traditional artisan creativity that is often unseen and underappreciated.

Each product sold contributes to the greater good – we donate to deserving charitable products across the world and in the UK.



The Conscious Clothing range is a collection of contemporary, high-quality T-shirts, made in Cornwall, Great Britain and beautifully crafted, handmade leather bags and journals from Uidapur, India.

Each t-shirt is made from ethically-sourced, Fairtrade cotton and non-toxic inks. The Conscious T-shirt has given new meaning to the humble tee through fashion for a cause. All leather products are made with 100% ethically-sourced leather, from animals which have died from natural causes.SHOP THE COLLECTION



The Conscious Lifestyle range is a collection of unique hand-made home furnishings - traditional artisan kantha quilts, bespoke, hand-made garden umbrellas crafted from vintage Rajasthani wedding skirts and unique lamp-shade and cushion duos.


  • All of our products are organically and ethically sourced - each item is made with love and care and has its own story to tell.
  • We are the 'feel good company' which cares about making a difference to people and the planet across our ever-developing world.
  • A proportion of all proceeds are donated to charities and organisations that contribute to making a positive difference across the globe and in the UK.